Piotr Steinbrich Speaking volumes.

Przedmiot: język angielski | Data spotkania: 21.05 | Rozpoczęcie spotkania: 15:30 | Miejsce spotkania: Online
Piotr Steinbrich

Piotr Steinbrichprowadzący spotkanie

Program spotkania

Speaking is probably the most important language skill and practicing it is a must. In this webinar I will look at different ways of practicing speaking in the classroom in order to maximize its use and provide opportunities for language production. I will be focusing on various course book tasks and activities to show how little effort and minimum tinkering on the side of the teacher may result in meaningful, personalized and engaged performance on the side of the learners.

O prowadzącym

Piotr Steinbrich - is a lecturer and a teacher trainer at John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. He has also written and co-written various ELT materials and numerous articles on teaching English as a foreign language. A regular at conferences in Poland and abroad.